Luc Sante- The Other Paris

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Luc SAnte is an author and critic. He is frequent contributor to the New York Review of Books. 

‘The Other Paris’ is actually  a walk through the history of Paris from 200 hundred years ago to the 20 century

The Paris we know today was, in Napoleon’s time, a city surrounded by a slowly destroyed rural life, where the fringes of the cities inhabitants struggled to eke out a living beyond ‘The Wall’. I found it interesting to hear an account of the frenetic recycling that this produced, as every scrap of material and detritus was used to make a new product.  Luc and I spoke about ‘The Other Paris first and then he read a whole chapter from it. I found the visions he evoked were mesmerising and so have allowed this to be  one long read from a single author .

Original music score by Ken Naughton.

Songs ‘ Paris se regarde’ and ‘Paris’  by Bebe et Lulu 

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