Human Relationships and Experience

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The path of true love is often bumpy,  family relationships can  be complicated , life is full of  tragedy and hilarity – stories of human lives whether fictional  or based on real events – are never boring.


DEBRA ADELAIDE - The Women's Pages

Debra Adelaide pic Have you ever fallen in love with a book to the point it starts to creep into your real life? Debra Adelaide’s heroine , Dove, reads Wuthering Heights to her dying mother in hospital and then becomes obsessed with writing herself.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016



Sarah Armstrong landscape 2016 Would you interfere if you saw a child being abused?  Sarah's book explores what happens when we become involved in another's  life through our own compassion.



    Jesse Blackadder's novel of a family trying to come to terms with a tragedy is based on her own experience of losing her sister to a pool drowning. In this opening extract a similar tragedy is hinted at then switches to the family's story.


PAUL BURMAN - The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore , The Grease Monkey's Tale

paul-burman-headshot-20161123This small scene  from 'The Snowing and the Greening of Thomas Passmore ' of Thomas searching for a long lost love in a tiny English town illustrates perfectly the quiet desperation we feel when others appear unsympathetic to our quest. ' Grease Monkey 'is slang for a mechanic, that guy who is  good at fixing your car , but is he any good with the mechanics of the human heart – particularly  his own? Here our hero Nic first makes a date with Shivawn – a date that will result in a  dangerous destiny.


JENEVIEVE CHANG – The Good Girl of Chinatown

Jenevieve , born in Australia of Chinese parents, went to teach and dance in burlesque review in Shanghai, and found out that she was considered ‘foreign’ and that her Asian looks were not considered ‘exotic’ enough for some employers!

Recorded at the Sydney Writers Festival 2017


T.M CLARK-'Tears of the Cheetah'

Tears of the Cheetah is set in South Africa . Here the protagonist is watching TV in a shebeen when he is presented with horrifying scenes of his home village.


AOIFE CLIFFORD - All These Perfect strangers

Aoife Clifford Aoife relating how her heroine’s experience with the university ‘stud’ is not everything she had hoped for.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016



Robert Drewe's latest novel is a darkly comedic tale of an enormous family reunion - at a winery, owned by the convener, named 'Whipbird'.

Recorded Byron writers Festival 2017



hebe-de-souza The title of this book ‘Black British’ refers to a generation of those born into the Indian middle classes in the 1960’s who adopted British sensibilities and customs, discarding their traditional ways. The story of Lucy de Souza and her family is based on the authors own experience.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016


Briohny Doyle - Adult Fantasy

Briohny Doyle blends personal experience with cultural critique to examine what it means to turn 30 in today’s world. Where are the social occasion markers , the rites of adult passage? And are they relevant anyway in today’s society?

Recorded at the Sydney writers Festival 2017


NICHOLAS FARGUE - I was behind you

Nicholas FArgue Nicholas Fargue wrote this semi-autobiographical account of a man falling in love with another woman 10 years ago. He is now happily married!

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016


ANGELA FLOURNOY - The Turner House

Angela Flournoy pic A ‘Haint’ is an American southern term for a ghost – and in the house the Turner family inhabit in Detroit ,it is the children who claim to have witnessed this aggressive materialisation.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016


KATE FORSYTH - The Wild Girl

Kate Forsyth The Wild Girl is based on the true story of the Brothers Grimm, writers of fairytales,  and their relationship with a young woman called Dortchen Wild.  Dortchen and Wilhelm Grimm are in love but have been prevented from marriage by her father.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016


Ashley Hay - The Railwayman's Wife

Ashley HAy pic A Hundred Small Lessons is set on the river in Brisbane. The ‘Lessons’ are the hundreds of small decisions and incidents that go to make up a life. This novel traces the lives of two women  who occupied the same house on the river.

Recorded at Sydney writers Festival 2017

The Railwayman’s Wife is set in Thirroul, a coastal mining town in southern N.S.W at the end of the Second World war. The heroine Ani, struggles to keep her family together after her husband dies in a mining accident.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016


LISA IRELAND - 'The Shape of Us'

The pressures on young women to conform to a bodily ideal can cause great unhappiness . Even talented and well qualified women can still feel inadequate if they think their shape is not perfect.


TONI JORDAN- Our Tiny, Useless Hearts


Toni Jordan head pic

There's nothing lovelier than a romantic dream, until you wake up and it turns into a bit of a nightmare!

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016


HANNAH KENT - The Good People

Hannah Kent's imagination was stirred by a fragment of a newspaper article on an old Irish woman - 'a Faery doctoress' who was defending herself against a criminal charge involving a child by claiming she was banishing a changeling. Hannah spent time in Ireland to get the feel of a modern country, that still harks to the old ways and Faery traditions. In this read, a member of the community is found mysteriously dead.

Recorded at the Byron writers Festival 2017


SUZANNE LEAL – The Teacher's Secret

The pressures of teaching are many, so things like the allocation of classrooms, and teaching loads create tensions for teachers. Especially when there is a change of head.

Recorded at the Sydney Writers Festival 2017

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kate-mildenhall Harriet and Kate ,best friends, are the daughters of lighthouse keepers, and spend their child hoods on a wild windswept cape. One is braver than the other.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016



virginia-miranda This is an extract from 'Flash Fiction' - a collection of short stories.Two lovers play a game to make their lives more exciting - but what is the reality?

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016



rajith-savanadasa Set in modern day Sri Lanka, Ruins relates  the life of a family told by each of the family members in turn. Here we hear from Anoushka , who has just met her ultra cool American cousin.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016


DOMINIC SMITH - The Last Painting of Sarah De Vos

Dominic Smith The connecting thread in this book is a beautiful painting - first we hear Dominic read a description of this work and its provenance, and then we hear from the contemporary owner of the work who has discovered it was removed and a fake substituted without his knowing.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016


GRAEME SIMSION -The Rosie Project, The Rosie Effect

graeme-new-head-shot002 The Rosie Effect Graeme Simsion’s lovelorn geek Don Tillman gives a  lecture on Asperger’s Syndrome at the local school. He thinks it went well!

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2015

The Rosie Project Don Tillman comes up with the perfect solution to finding the perfect mate - get her to fill out a form! The Best of Adam Sharpe Adam Sharpe spends his days working in I.T and his evenings playing piano in a bar just so he has company. Then a girl appears who looks like more than just company.

Recorded at Sydney writers Festival 2017


Graeme Simsion & Anne Buist - Two Steps Forward

Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist
‘Two Steps Forward’ is based on Graeme and Anne’s own experiences of walking the Camino – the Pilgrims trail from France to Spain. In the novel ‘Two Steps forward’ Anne Buist and Graeme Simsion write alternate chapters for the characters Zoe and Martin respectively, whose paths criss cross repeatedly on the trail. Here Zoe, read by Anne, is fleeing the sudden death of her husband in Los Angeles, and finds herself in France looking for the village of Cluny to take up the offer of a stay with an old college friend.   Now we hear from Graeme Simsion reading the character of Martin.

Recorded at the Sydney Writers Festival 2017


TRACEY SPICER – The Good Girl Stripped Bare

Tracey Spicer came back from a traumatic premature birth to find that her troubles were just beginning – pregnancy had demoted her! Outraged, she takes on her employers .

Recorded at the Sydney Writers Festival 2017



LESLEY TRUFFLE - The Scandalous Life of Sasha Torte ; The Fabulous Hotel Du Barry

Left to fend for herself at an early age, Sasha Torte has made her way in a world full of skulduggery, scoundrels and fantastic cakes in deepest , darkest 19 century Tasmania. Then she is betrayed by a spurned suitor. The Fabulous Hotel Du Barry is a universe of its own set in early  20 century London. The adventures of its denizens both above and ‘below  stairs’ provide  us  with an entertaining romp and also an  sight into the harsh realities confronting the less well off in this  period . Strong language warning and adult concepts in this read.

Recorded at Rydges Hotel Melbourne 2017



LISA WALKER - Sex, Lies and Bonsai

Lisa Walker new Ever been dumped by text?  Lisa Walker’s unhappy female character distils all those memories of being socially awkward and relationship inept.


TOMMY WALLACH - Thanks for the Trouble

tommy wallach head shot Tommy Wallach takes us to a movie theatre , and gives us the step by step account of how to make out with a girl for the first time.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016


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