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This week on Narratives National – Richard Roxburgh and Tristan Bancks

Something for all you big ( and little ) kids out there…..


Richard Roxburgh reads from  ‘Artie and the Grime Wave’


Tristan Bancks reads from  ‘My Life and other stuff I made up  ‘

Two actors write funny books for kids and act out all the parts in their read!

You can hear this podcast here!


Narratives National Edition will be broadcast on Bay FM  99.9 on Wednesdays at 11am-12pm with Michael Schubert of Soundminds from November..

Already every week  heard  on the Community Radio Network on Mondays at 7 pm and Thursdays at 10pm.

Also available on the Narratives Library website ( works on desktop, mobile and tablet)

And coming along … the GOOGLE App so you can listen to entertaining stories and interviews from authors wherever you are and whatever you listen on.

(Well you can already but somehow those little apps just make it easier!)

We are getting great coverage and  downloads- know anyone who would like to be part of this as a sponsor? Contact us at : narrativeslibrary@gmail.com

Narratives National Edition is live now!

Special half hour editions of Narratives are now being broadcast every week on Monday evenings at 7.05pm   on the Community Radio Network.

Sometimes I will have space on my show Arts Canvass to play these but not all of them and there are some fantastic author’s reads and interviews on these shows.

SO, you can go to the PODCASTS page on my Narratives Library website and listen there, on your phone, tablet or computer.


First up this week is Hannah Kent with ‘The Good  People’ and Robert Drewe with ‘Whipbird‘.

We are contemplating developing an special Narratives App so you can just log in and listen anywhere on your phone and tablet. Let me know if this idea appeals to you! (Also let me know if you would like to be sponsor of this project – I can take up to four depending on level of support. )