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Speculative Fiction about Climate Change , Dystopian futures  and even Utopian ones – but what if you want some easy to understand facts to go with all the imagined scenarios?

James Bradley - 'CLADE'

James Bradley James Bradley prefaces his read of 'Clade' with informing us of the meaning of his unusual title. His novel follows the fortunes of one family through time as they struggle to deal with the changes wrought by climate upheaval.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016



Peter Doherty pic Climate change is everyone’s problem- here professor Peter Doherty explains that we are running out of time simply because of the inaction and wilful ignorance of those who have the power to make a difference.

This recording was made at the Sydney Writers Festival 2016


Peter Doherty - The Knowledge Wars

Peter Doherty pic

Nobel Prize winning scientist Professor  Peter Doherty tells you how to sort the climate fact from fiction - so you can make up your own mind.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016



tim flannery 2 Prolific author, scientist and tireless campaigner for the environment Tim Flannery has written a book to give hope to those who may be feeling climate change is now irreversible.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016

KATE GRENVILLE – The Case Against Fragrance

Does walking past the department store scent counter leave you with a headache and aching sinuses? You are not alone. As a fellow sufferer, Kate Grenville sets out to find just what you are reacting to in today's over -scented world.

Recorded at the Sydney Writers Festival 2017



KRISSY KNEEN –An Uncertain Grace

Imagine reading a memoir and seeing and feeling what the writers experienced in their life? Krissy Kneen peeks into the future and asks if we really know what we are letting ourselves in for.

Recorded at the Sydney Writers Festival 2017


Our Friends the Termites- Pat Lowe

Pat Lowe has written a fascinating and informed account of the secret world of termites. After Reading this book you’ll think twice before calling for a pest exterminator next time you encounter these extraordinary insects.

This book is published by BACKROOM PRESS (click to learn more)


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