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This is a page for lovers of romance stories and novels written with the development of a relationship at its core. Mind you, Romance is a wide net these days- there are crime romances, science fiction romances, rural romance, historical romance – there are so many sub categories in romance that I have placed some of  the authors, officially defined as ‘Romance authors’ on other pages such as crime or even science fact and fiction or on Human Relationships and experience!

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CLAIRE BOSTON - 'Place to Belong'

Claire Boston’s saga of the Flanagan Sisters takes an unexpected detour with the introduction of their long lost gay brother – and just like his sisters, he wants to live happily ever after!



CASSANDRA DEAN -'Silk and Scars'

  Set in Dartmoor, England at an imaginary Duke’s estate,this is book three of a series . Here the shy heroine , working as a scribe, is summoned to the mysterious Duke’s estate where she is told she is now in his employ for an indefinite period.



DIANE DEMETRE- 'Dancing Queen'

Michelle has had a successful career as a dancer but finds herself at 42 divorced and wishing she had been more adventurous where men were concerned. She decides to cast off her inhibitions and embarks on some erotic adventures!



CATHERINE EVANS - 'The Healing Season'

  Catherine Evans was an agricultural scientist in her first career. The author is obviously drawing on experience in this extract in which the heroine Alicia, struggles to establish an agricultural supplies store in a fading town, while coping with bereavement, all against the wishes of her family.



ANNE GRACIE - 'The Autumn Bride'

  The Autumn bride is set in the English Regency period and part of a series of 4 books that follow four girls bonded together to help each other . Here one of them steals into a decaying mansion out of desperation to help her sister who is ill and needs medicine. She finds something completely unexpected.




  A young single mother moves to the country to find a new life for herself and her son. First they have to find their new house!



PENELOPE JANU -' In at the Deep End'

Penelope Janu’s novel is a non-stop adventure action set on the high seas as two strong willed environmentalists are thrown together .



JENNIE JONES- 'A Place to Stay'

Set in Western Australia , a woman looks to begin a new life in a remote town, but nothing is ever that simple when we are escaping a past.



RACHAEL JOHNS - 'The Patterson Girls'

  Madeleine can hear the ticking of her biological clock and has had no luck finding a sperm donor – then her best friend completely floors her with a suggestion to her dilemma.



SUSAN LATTWEIN- ' Arafura -Blood, the Wet and Tears'

  A romance set in Darwin, where Kat schoolteacher ,is in love with Adam an ex-military man with trauma induced behavioural problems. Language warning on this reading.



EMILY MADDEN - 'Summers with Juliette'

  Emily reads a scene from near the end of her novel as her heroine surrenders to a terminal illness after dreaming vividly about a favourite relative.



ALLI SINCLAIR - 'Under the Parisian Skies'

  Alli Sinclair writes romance stories set against the background and history of the dance worlds. She has meticulously researched historic ballet companies like the Ballet Russe for this book which is part of a series of books based on the dancing world.



MICHELL SOMERS - Murder Most Unusual

Michelle Somers writes crime romance fiction. She loves the tension and contrast created between grisly crimes and romantic love. Here her main love interest , an author of crime fiction is under suspicion and being checked out by the hero , a detective investigating a murder.

Recorded at the Australian Romance Readers Convention 2017



KENDALL TALBOT- 'Lost in Kakadu'

This romantic novel set in the beauty of remote Kakadu gets off to a bang with the heroine falling to earth in a plane crash. Then her real troubles begin!

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