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Writing a memoir is more than just remembering your past, you have to fearlessly uncover areas of your life and your family’s that perhaps are painful memories long buried. Then again, honesty is not always the best policy, or even the most entertaining!


    Inspired by the stories of legendary American blues men travelling cross country during the depression, musician Benjamin Allmon decides to walk 1000 kms down the eastern coastline of Australia to help promote his new CD. The first few nights prove more difficult than he thought, when freak weather tests his resolve.


STEVE BISLEY - Stillways

Steve BISley 003 Steve Bisley grew up in the country with a boyhood filled with freedom and bush adventures. - there was a darker side to his family, but also lots of humour. In this extract from his memoir ‘Stillways’ – Steve recalls his childhood local beach and  the terror and horror of a shark attack.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2015


BOB BROWN - Green Nomads

bob-brown002 An individual can make no greater contribution to society than to leave something of lasting, permanent and positive value. Former Greens MP Bob Brown tells us of the genesis of the Bush Heritage project and his continuing love for the Australian bush.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016


CARL CLEVES - Tarab: Journeys with my Guitar

carl4 copy ‘Tarab’ is a word that means ‘ place where music and poetry bestow true bliss upon the lucky one’. Consulting a famous faith healer was anything but blissful for musician and author Carl Cleves .


ROBERT DESSAIX- What Days are For

robert-dessaix Ever the writer, even experiencing a heart attack doesn’t stop Robert Dessaix from observing and recording what was going on around him – and he even found humour in the situation!

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016


PETTINA GAPPAH - The Book of Memory

Pettina Gappah I have filed Pettina Gappah under Memoir even though it is fiction - it is a beautifully , written and strange and sad. The story of a young girl sold to an older white man, who ends up imprisoned for his murder - nothing is as it seems in this tale.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016



Nikki Gemmel's deeply affecting memoir was a response to the pain, confusion and guilt she felt after her mother ended her own life. Here she records her feelings when confronted with a situation most of us wold find impossible to imagine, identifying your own mother's body at the morgue.

Recorded at the Byron writers Festival 2017


VIVIAN GORNICK - The Odd Woman and the City

Vivian Gornick head pic Vivian is from New York , a city she loves and writes about often in her many novels. This memoir is a personal journey through a sophisticated city life.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016


DAVID LESER -To Begin To Know

DAvid Leser pic

David has delved deeply into his father's hidden past to try and understand his present relationship with him.

This recording was made at the Sydney Writers Festival


JAMES REBANKS - The Shepherd's Life

JAmes Rebanks photo smaller James Rebanks' family have been farming sheep in the same part of Cumbria for 400 years. Here he gives us a glimpse into a typical day of caring for his flock.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016


MARY-LOU STEPHENS - Sex, Drugs and Meditation

mary lou stephens pic Mary-Lou finally achieved her dream job, and then the boss from hell entered her life - here is the opening chapter where she faces retrenchment or re-adjustment.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2015


EMMA SKY - The Unravelling

Emma Sky -The Unravelling002 Emma Sky’s riveting true account of her involvement in the attempt to rebuild Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016


NADJA SPIEGELMAN – I’m Supposed to Protect you from all this

Nadja Spiegelman’s mother was French, exotic and mysterious event to her children. The relationship between mother and daughter can be fraught with complications, as Nadja observed even as a child on family visits to her grandparent’s house.

Recorded at the Sydney Writers Festival 2017


SOHILA ZANJANI - Scattered Pearls

sohila-zanjani Sohila's beloved grandmother is dying, and bids her to find a different life to that experienced by her herself and her mother as Sohila leaves Iran for Australia.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016

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