Sculpture ‘Books and Mortar’ by Monte Lupo 

Just to make it easier if you are looking for a particular author, here is a constantly expanding list of authors reading on this site. Authors listed twice have books in different categories.

Debra Adelaide – The Women’s Pages

Emma Allen – Grandma , the baby and Me

Benjamin Allmon – Foot Notes

Amy Andrews – Limbo

Sarah Armstrong – Promise

Melissa Ashley – The Birdman’s Wife

Sunil Badami – An Allergy

Lance Balchin – Mechanica

Tristan Bancks -Two Wolves

Tristan Bancks – My Life series.

Louisa Bennet – Monty and Me

Steve Bisley – Stillways

Jesse Blackadder – 60 seconds

Claire Boston -Place to Belong

James Bradley – Clade

Bob Brown – Green Nomads

Paul Burman – The Grease Monkey’s Tale

Paul Burman – The Grease Monkey’s Tale

Paul Burman – The Snowing and Greening of Thomas Passmore

Paul Burman – The Snowing and greening of Thomas Passmore

Barbara Carmichael – I’ve come to say Goodbye

Jenevieve Chang – The Good Girl of Chinatown

Claire Christian – Beautiful Mess

T.M Clark – Tears of the Cheetah

Carl Cleves – Tarab :Travels with my Guitar

Aoife Clifford – All these Perfect Strangers

Aoife Clifford – All these Perfect Strangers

Rachel Craw– Spark

Sha’an d’Anthes – Zoom

Cassandra Dean – Silk and Scars

Diane Demetre -Dancing Queen 

Hebe De Souza – Black British

Robert Dessaix – What Days are For

Peter Doherty – The Knowledge Wars

Louise Doughty – Black Water

Briohny Doyle – Adult Fantasy

Robert Drewe – The Beach

Robert Drewe– Whipbird

Catherine Evans  – The Healing Season

Nicholas Fargue – I was Behind You

Tim Flannery – Atmosphere of Hope

Fleur Ferris – Black

Angela Flournoy – The Turner House

Kate Forsyth – The Wild Girl

Candice Fox – Eden

David Free – Get Poor Slow

Emily Gale – The other side of Summer

Pettina Gappah The Book of Memory

Nikki Gemmel – After

Alison Goodman – Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club

Vivian Gornick – The Odd Woman and the City

Anne Gracie – The Autumn Bride

A. C Grayling – The Age of Genius

Kate Grenville – The Case against Fragrance

Sophie Hardcastle – Breathing Under Water

Tim Harris -Mr. Bambuckles  Remarkables Fight Back

Libby Hathorn – Eventual Poppy Day

Libby Hathorn – A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy

Ashley Hay – The Railway Man’s Wife ; A Hundred Small Lessons

Jack Heath – The Cut Out

Cathryn Hein – Wayward Heart

Peter Hellier – Frankie fish and the Sonic Suitcase

Mark Holden – My Idol Years

Kelly Hunter -Wish

Lisa Ireland – The Shape of Us

Penelope Janu -The Deep End

Rachel Johns -The Patterson Girls

Rebecca Johnson -Vet Cadets: Welcome to Willowvale

Jennie Jones – A Place to Stay

Toni Jordan – Our Tiny Useless Hearts

Tracy M. Joyce – Rada

Fiona Katauskas – The Amazing true story of how babies are made.

Hannah Kent – The Good People

Nadia King– Jenna’s Truth

Jon Klassen  – I Want my Hat  back

Krissy Kneen – An Uncertain Grace

Will Kostakis – The Sidekicks

Carole Lander– Wheels of fire, Basketball Tree

L.A Larkin – Devour

Susan Lattwein – Arafura-Blood, the Wet and Tears

Suzanne Leal – The Teacher’s Secret

David Leser – To begin to Know- Walking in the Shadows of my Father

Pat Lowe – Our Friends the Termites

David Lovejoy – Heresy

Hugh Mackay – Beyond Belief

Emily Madden – Summers with Juliette

Ebony McKenna – 1916ish

Nikki McWatters– Hexen Haus

Kate Mildenhall – Skylarking

Virginia Miranda – The Game

Maggie Mundy – Random Meeting

Omar Musa – Here come the dogs.

Jacquie Newling – Eat your History

John Newton – The Oldest Foods on Earth

Soraya Nicholas – Starlight Stables

Katie O’Donnell – Untidy Towns

Tex Perkins – Tex

Susan Perrow – A-Z Collection  of Behaviour Tales

Chrissie Perry – Penelope Perfect-Project Best Friend

Oliver Phommavanh – Con Nerd

Damean Possner – Helix and the Arrival

Luke Proudfoot– Shaka, Shaka Hawaii

James Rebanks – The Shepherd’s Life

Scott Rheuben – Roses are not Red

Michael Robotham -The Secrets she keeps

James Roy & Noel Zihabamwe -One Thousand Hills

Richard Roxburgh – Artie and the Grime Wave

Rajith Savanadasa – Ruins

Graeme Simsion – The Rosie Project, The Rosie Effect,

The Best of Adam Sharpe, Two Steps Forward

Alli Sinclair -Beneath the Parisian Skies

Emma Sky – The Unravelling

Sebastian Smee – The Art of Rivalry

Dominic  Smith – The Last Painting of Sarah de Vos

Mark Smith – The Road to winter

Michelle Somers– Murder most Unusual

Tracey Spicer – The Good Girl stripped Bare

Nadja Spiegelman – I’m supposed to protect you from all this

Mary-Lou Stephens – Sex, Drugs and Meditation

Kendall Talbot -Lost in Kakadu

Mark Tedeschi – Kidnapped, Eugenia

Jol Temple – Capt. Jimmy cook discovers Third grade

Lesley Truffle- The Scandalous Life of Sacher Torte

& Hotel Du Barry

Charlie Veron – A Life Underwater

Tommy Wallach – Thanks for the Trouble

Tommy Wallach – Thanks for the Trouble

Jess Walton– Introducing Teddy

Lisa Walker – Sex, Lies and Bonsai

Lisa Walker – Paris Syndrome

Jessica Watson – Indigo Blue

Nova Weetman – Everything is Changed

Gabrielle Williams – My Life as a Hashtag 

Ashleigh Wilson – Brett Whiteley: Art. Life and the other Thing

Sohila Zanjani – Scattered Pearls




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