Crime Fiction and Fact

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Authors who are intrigued  with crime and thriller writing  often draw inspiration from real life cases. Sometimes  they  find real life crimes  so fascinating they recreate them as stories – filling in the unknown areas based on available facts  with a little bit of speculation. Others create chilling new scenarios. Speculative fiction on environmental themes are popular with readers as we  all try to imagine our possible futures in a changed world.


  A grungy bar in a suburb of Brisbane is the setting for the hero Dash, as he contemplates his life’s downward trajectory. To cap it all off , the pub is doing an open mic night. Amy Andrews describes her work as romance noir but throws in some paranormal activity as well.


PAUL BURMAN- The Grease Monkey's Tale

  paul-burman-headshot-20161123 Any drive to the outback rural areas of Australia will bring you into contact with the sort of law enforcer depicted here. This reading makes you want to check behind every bush and bit of scrub for a lurking lawman!


AOIFE CLIFFORD- All these Perfect Strangers

Aoife Clifford For the books narrator Pen Shepherd, to leave home and go to university was a chance to reinvent herself – but when do you start telling the truth – after the first murder?

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016



Louise doughty pic Indonesia in 1965 was a a terrifying time for anyone deemed a ‘communist’ . Here the main character of the story, John Harper is being told how many thousands of innocent villagers met grisly ends , often by the words of their own terrified neighbours.

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2016



CAndice Fox This opening chapter from 'Eden' takes us into the childhood history of the main character.‘Eden’ is the companion novel to ‘Hades’ which won the Ned Kelly ‘Best Debut’ novel in 2014. The read sets the scene for the crime which follows the protagonist through the story.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016


David Free - 'Get Poor Slow'

Lovers of Raymond Chandler fiction will love David Free’s style – shambolic, drunken and heartbroken, his hero is on a downward spiral – a photographer peering through his window for a late night shot is a last straw.


L.A LARKIN -Devour

LA Larkin pic L.A Larkin belongs to an elite group - that of female crime fiction writers. She creates strong female protagonists with high ideals and an environmental conscience.  'Devour' is her latest book in which she introduces us to investigative journalist Olivia Woolf, who travels from Antarctica to the Nevada Desert in pursuit of her uncovering of a potential global catastrophe. Some characters from Larkin's previous book  'Thirst'  reappear in this new story.


MAGGIE MUNDY - 'Random Meeting'

Maggie Mundy’s unusual protagonist is a man just released from jail after serving 12 years for murder. He finds himself as at a pizza parlour, where he encounters more than just a meal.


MICHAEL ROBOTHAM - The Secrets she Keeps.

Michael Robotham is more interested in why a character would commit a certain crime, than the actual crime itself. This is a creepy,  psychological thriller about a most unlikely stalker.

Michael Robotham was recorded at Byron writers Festival 2017


MARK TEDESCHI - Eugenia, Kidnapped

Mark tedeschi pic002 Mark is a top QC by day, and a writer by night who is drawn to re-examine famous Australian crime cases with a fresh eye and some skillful re-imagining to fill in the gaps. Here he reads from his book Kidnapped .

This recording was made at the Sydney writers Festival 2016

Eugenia  is the  recreated story of the very private life of the first male impersonator convicted for murder in Australia. How did a woman fool everybody for many years, including her wives?

This recording was made at the Sydney writers Festival 2016





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