PODCASTS – Narratives Library National Edition

Author Mark Smith reads  for Narratives from ‘The Road to Winter’ at the Somerset Celebration of Youth Literature QLD 2017

The Narratives Library is now   broadcast on the  National Community Radio Network  on  participating community radio stations  every week on Mondays 7.05pm  and  Thursdays  at 10pm.

And I am pleased to announce it is now broadcast   on‘Bay FM Presents’  every Wednesday  at 11am -12pm with Soundminds from Michael Schubert.

Narratives Library National  is a  special weekly series of half hour programs with two authors ( or three!)interviews and reads and thoughtfully  selected music all from Australian songwriters and composers..

Because not everyone will be able to tune into broadcasts the same editions will be here on this page for your listening pleasure.

And because not everyone wants to be tied to their computer you can also listen on your mobile phone or tablet, and we are developing a Google  App !

Edition One  :NARRATIVES LIBRARY NATIONAL PODCAST – Hannah Kent ‘The Good People’ & Robert Drewe ‘Whipbird’

The lovely Hanna Kent reads from her latest novel ‘The Good People‘ ( with a smashing Irish Accent!) and Robert Drewe muses on family reunions in ‘Whipbird’.

Featured Music track: ‘Rebel Song’ by Shane Howard and  Irish dance by Cathie O’Sullivan

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2017



 Edition 2 : Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist – ‘Two Steps Forward’.

Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist

Hear  husband and wife writing team Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist combining forces to read the characters they wrote for ‘Two Steps Forward’.

Featured music track : The ‘River of Remembrance” by Lucinda Peters

Recorded at the Sydney writers Festival 2017 in Graeme and Anne’s hotel room ( as the media room was too noisy!)

Edition 3: Richard Roxburgh with ‘Artie and the Grime Wave’ and Tristan Bancks with ‘My Life and other Stuff I made  up’


Two actors writing funny kids  books, naturally they have to read all the characters in different  voices  as well! Richard also did the illustrations for his book so here he is holding one up to the camera!

Featured music track : “Round the Twist” by Tin Pan Orange

Recorded at the Byron Writers Festival 2017



Edition 4: L.A Larkin reads ‘Devour’ and Michael Robotham tells us all about ‘The  Secrets She Keeps’.


Two crime writers with twist – for Larkin it is skulduggery regarding protecting the earth’s environment, for Robotham it is the psychological profile of the criminal mind.

Featured Music Track : “Riddle and Rhyme” by Abbie Cardwell

Robotham recorded at Byron writers Festival 2017 


EDITION FIVE : -Rajith Savanadasa “Ruins’ and Sohila Sanjani ‘Scattered Pearls’


I loved listening to Sohila Sanjani reading her memoir with her beautiful Persian accent, and Rajith  was very informative about Sri Lankan mythology in his interview. Two interesting new australians ( although they have been here a while!)

Featured  music track: ” Alunud” by CODA

Recorded at the Byron writers Festival 2016



EDITION SIX : Sophie Hardcastle ‘Underwater’ and Mark Smith ‘The Road to Winter’


Sophie Hardcastle  reads from her haunting novel ‘Breathing Underwater‘ and Mark Smith reads from a dystopian future in ‘The Road to Winter’. Both authors have ocean themes running through their work.  Good for surfers of any age!

Featured music tracks : ” Underwater” by Domini Forster and ” Seals at Play” by Riley Lee

Recorded at the Somerset Festival of Youth Literature 2017

 Edition Seven: Charlie Veron,–‘ A Life Underwater’, Peter Doherty ‘ ‘The Knowledge Wars’ and Tim Flannery –‘Atmosphere of Hope’




Charlie Veron ‘ the father of coral’, recounts “the view from my coffin” as he imagines looking back, Peter Doherty tells you how to sort climate fact from climate fiction, and Tim Flannery says don’t give up on the planet just yet.

Featured  music track : ” Falling” by Miriam Lieberman

Recorded at Byron Writers Festival 2017 and Sydney writers Festival 2016 respectively.


Edition eight: David Leser “To Begin to Know – walking in the shadows of my Father”, Nikki Gemmel ” After”.


David Leser reads from his memoir ‘To Begin to Know- in the shadows of my father’, in which he attempts to understand the forces that shaped his father’s childhood and their subsequent relationship. Nikki Gemmel  reads from ‘After‘, an astonishing examination of the aftermath of her mother’s suicide. ( This  interview and read deals with the subject of assisted dying .)

Featured Music track : “Undertow” by Cye Wood

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival  2016 and Byron writers Festival  2017 respectively.


Sebastian Smee –‘ The Art of rivalry’ and Ashleigh Wilson –‘Brett whitely –Art, Life and the other thing’ ‘Talk About Love’ –My Friend the chocolate Cake, ‘All the colours’ Neil and Tim Finn
Tracey Spicer  – ‘The Good Girl Stripped Bare ‘ ,and Mary-Lou Stephens –‘ Sex, drugs and Meditation’ and Suzanne Leal – ‘The Teacher’s Secret’ ‘Change’ –Jodi Martin; ‘Some say I got Devil ‘ –Inge Liljestrom
Catherine Hein  – ‘The Healing Season’ and Kelly Hunter –‘Wish’


‘The day that I lost You’ – Suzannah Espie;  “ Back to the Sun” -Ange Takats

So stay tuned for more wonderful stories and reads from our hundreds of authors and beautiful music from Australian artists!


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