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Authors from the Somerset Literature Festival

On Friday  March 26th  Narratives attended the Somerset Literature Festival which is held in Queensland every year at Somerset College.

They had a fantastic lineup of authors and illustrators of children’s and Young Adult fiction.

We recorded the following authors reading from their books and their reads will be all online by next week. Interviews and reads will appear throughout the year on the Narratives Podcasts page.

Will Kostakis ‘ The Sidekicks’

Tim Harris ‘ Mr. Bambuckles Remarkables Fight Back’

Rebecca Johnson -‘Vet Cadets- Welcome to Willow vale’

James Roy & Noel Zihabamwe ‘One Thousand hills’

Katie O’Donnell – ‘Untidy Towns’

Jessica Watson – Indigo Blue’

Gabrielle Williams – My Life as a Hashtag’

Claire Christian  – ‘Beautiful Mess’

Chrissie Perry ‘ Penelope Perfect – Project Best Friend’

Sha’an d’Anthes-‘ Zoom’

There were some amazing topics covered from coming out gay to cyber bullying, to escaping Rwanda during the massacres. I will post as these all go up and encourage you to check them out whether for yourself or someone you know.

Claire Christian with her novel 'Beautiful Mess'

Lance Balchin ‘Mechanica’ ; Jack Heath – ‘The Cut Out’ ; Fleur Ferris – ‘Black’

Episode seventeen:Lance Balchin ‘Mechanica’ ; Jack Heath – ‘The Cut Out’ ; Fleur Ferris – ‘Black’



This week three  fabulous authors who are classed as ‘Young Adult’- which means really, anyone over the ages of 14 will enjoy them. Lance Balchin reads from ‘Mechanica’ – of a  world without insects and animals, Jack Heath’s ‘The Cut Out’ , his  protagonist also inhabits a future world, one where he is forced to act as double  for the good of the government, while Fleur Ferris in ‘Black’ explores that classic stage set- the reputed ‘haunted house’.

Music track:‘Call the Police’ by Robert Childs from ‘Elastic Band’

Mark Balchin and Fleur Ferris were recorded at the Somerset Festival of Youth Literature  2017 and Jack Heath was recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2017