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Termites and Toddlers

This week I have added a fascinating book from Pat Lowe from Backroom Press about our little friends the Termites – stop spraying them and start admiring them!

And Scott Rheuben believes stories for children should have an underlying moral so he wrote Roses are not Red to increase their awareness of the world around them. You can hear a short interview with Scott on Arts Canvass.

Friends of the Byron Library

Today I was guest of honour at the Byron friends of the Library lunch.
In addition to partaking of the lovely lunch I was able to tell them all about the Narratives Project.
Friend’s president Beryl Main has some exciting ideas which hopefully we can put into action next year to encourage lots more people to listen to the readings on the Narratives site.
I hope everyone at the lunch went home and looked up the site and found lots of listening pleasure to be had there!

(pic: myself, Beryl Main and Head Librarian Byron Library)

Narratives for October

Modern life in Iran, children’s special fiction and an adult short story.


Sohila Zanjani – Scattered Pearls

I so loved hearing Sohila read this extract in her delicate Persian accent. The story of a life lived between two countries and cultures.



Susan Perrow – The A-Z collection of behaviour tales for  children.

One for parents of small children, Susan Perrow is internationally popular with her ‘therapeutic’ fiction.



Virginia Miranda – ‘The Game’

A complete short story here from the Flash Fiction series.

Uploaded this week on the Narratives Library!

Three very different novels this week. Don’t forget to share!


Kate Mildenhall -‘ Skylarking’

Based on a true story of two friends who grow up on a lighthouse cape.


Rajith Savanadasa -‘ Ruins’

Fascinating story of a modern Sri Lankan family.



Robert Dessaix -‘ What Days are For’

Robert Dessaix finds humour and makes amusing observations even as his life is seriously threatened.

L.A Larkin – DEVOUR

devour book cover slanted

Another fabulous thriller from L. A Larkin, this time with a brand new female protagonist – Olivia Woolf- Investigative  journalist criss-crossing the globe from Antarctica to Nevada on the trail of a discovery with catastrophic implications for the planet.

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