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Kim Mahood and Sophie Green- Inspired by the Outback

Episode twenty-four: Kim Mahood ‘ Position Doubtful’ ; and Sophie Green – ‘ The Inaugural meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Bookclub’


‘Position doubtful’ is an old surveyors map term used for areas where it is almost impossible to get a landmark for bearing.In her memoir , Kim Mahood  uses this term to apply to her memories of  the history of a homestead that used to belong to her family and her deep attachment to the land and its indigenous peoples that surround this place. Here she reads from her opening chapter and later in our interview explains what has drawn her to write of this geographical  place that is located in her heart  and of the personal charts she creates  to explain its history. ‘The Fairvale Ladies Book Club’ is also about living in the Australian outback, but Sophie Green’s central character, is  newly arrived as a bride from London  and  struggling to find friends and her feet in a radically different land.

Music tracks: ‘ Periphery’ by Belle Miners

Kim Mahood and Sophie Green were recorded at the Byron Writers Festival.

Nadja Spiegelman and Jenevieve Chang

Episode twenty-two: Nadja Spiegelman “ I’m supposed to protect you from all this”, Jenevieve  Chang ‘The Good Girl of Chinatown”



Nadja Spiegelman had a complicated family life, a fact she observed very early on as a small child . Her mother was highly strung and emotional and it made for a fraught  relationship. Jenevieve Chang  went to teach dance in China and found she was a lot more Australian than she realised, but not exotic  enough for her employers.

Music tracks:‘I love you and let you go’ by Gyan; ‘Fire in her Belly’ by Trysette.

Nadja  Spiegelman and Jenevieve Chang  were recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2017.

Tex Perkins and Mark Holden – holiday listening!

Episode thirteen: Tex Perkins – ‘Tex’ , and Mark Holden- ‘My Idol Years’


To day we hear from Tex Perkins  reading, under slight duress on a hot day at a Byron Writers Festival, from his book entitled simply ‘Tex’, in which he reveals he  was never dismayed that he wasn’t taken seriously as a musician, he never wanted to be serious as a musician – and Mark Holden  reads from ‘ My Idol Years’  about one of the highlights of his career, singing with the Temptations.

Featured music tracks : ‘How Good is Life’  & ‘One step ahead of the Blues ‘ by  Tex, Don and Charlie .

Recorded at the Byron writers Festival 2017

Tracey Spicer , Mary-Lou Stephens, and Suzanne Leal

Edition Ten :Tracey Spicer  – ‘The Good Girl Stripped Bare ‘; Mary-Lou Stephens –‘ Sex,Drugs and Meditation’ and Suzanne Leal – ‘The Teacher’s Secret’


Well this week’s edition is certainly topical! Here is Tracey Spicer with her explosive expose of the misogyny in the media industry ( who’d have thought?!) and Mary-Lou Stephens tells all about  being bullied at the ABC and Suzanne Leal weighs in with a fictional novel of life in the education department.

Featured music tracks:‘Change’ –Jodi Martin; ‘Some say I got Devil ‘ –Inge Liljestrom

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2017, Byron writers Festival 2015, Sydney Writers Festival 2017

David Leser and Nikki Gemmel give us two deeply moving memoirs…

Edition eight: David Leser “To Begin to Know – walking in the shadows of my Father”, Nikki Gemmel ” After”.


David Leser reads from his memoir ‘To Begin to Know- in the shadows of my father’, in which he attempts to understand the forces that shaped his father’s childhood and their subsequent relationship. Nikki Gemmel  reads from ‘After‘, an astonishing examination of the aftermath of her mother’s suicide. ( This  interview and read deals with the subject of assisted dying .)

Featured Music track : “Undertow” by Cye Wood

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival  2016 and Byron writers Festival  2017 respectively.

New Authors on Narratives!

Each week there will be an upload of between 3 to 5 new authors on the Narratives site- here are this weeks offerings.

Travels with my Guitar
Travels with my Guitar

Carl Cleves has read from his memoir  ‘Tarab’ of an hilarious and horrifying account of consulting a Faith Healer in South America .





Peter Breen has read  from his soon to be published memoir ‘Candidates Disease’ in which we get an insiders account of the goings on in Federal Parliament during the last elections.



David Lovejoy reads from ‘Heresy’ – a book that is both philosophical argument and fiction.