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Authors from the Somerset Literature Festival

On Friday  March 26th  Narratives attended the Somerset Literature Festival which is held in Queensland every year at Somerset College.

They had a fantastic lineup of authors and illustrators of children’s and Young Adult fiction.

We recorded the following authors reading from their books and their reads will be all online by next week. Interviews and reads will appear throughout the year on the Narratives Podcasts page.

Will Kostakis ‘ The Sidekicks’

Tim Harris ‘ Mr. Bambuckles Remarkables Fight Back’

Rebecca Johnson -‘Vet Cadets- Welcome to Willow vale’

James Roy & Noel Zihabamwe ‘One Thousand hills’

Katie O’Donnell – ‘Untidy Towns’

Jessica Watson – Indigo Blue’

Gabrielle Williams – My Life as a Hashtag’

Claire Christian  – ‘Beautiful Mess’

Chrissie Perry ‘ Penelope Perfect – Project Best Friend’

Sha’an d’Anthes-‘ Zoom’

There were some amazing topics covered from coming out gay to cyber bullying, to escaping Rwanda during the massacres. I will post as these all go up and encourage you to check them out whether for yourself or someone you know.

Claire Christian with her novel 'Beautiful Mess'

Children’s Lit for all ages!

Episode fourteen:Peter Helliar – ‘Frankie Fish and the Sonic Suitcase’; Luke Proudfoot – ‘Shaka, Shaka Hawaii’ ; Damien Prossner – ‘Helix and the Arrival’



Some kids just love to read and can be found  with their nose in a book or glued to a screen e-reading any time of the day, but for some the magic of entering those other  imaginary worlds eludes them. Reading is an important skill and some parents despair that their children just don’t seem interested but maybe  they just haven’t found that one book that is the key . Our three authors today all write for that tricky  age of ‘7-12 years – Damien Posner – in ‘Helix and the Arrival’ goes back in time , way back , to prove that pre-historic families were just as exasperating  for a teenager as present day. While Luke Proudfoot on ‘Shaka, Shaka Hawaii’ has three friends who love to surf and play music in their band  and well known comedian Peter Helliar thinks kids are a tough crowd, but once you have won them over, they become faithful fans so his much demanded  follow up books to’ Frankie Fish  and the Sonic Suitcase’ are already available.

Featured music track :’Endless Summer’ by Laura Hill

Peter Helliar recorded at Byron writers Festival 2017; Luke Proudfoot and Damien Prosner recorded at Somerset festival of Youth Literature 2017.

This week on Narratives National – Richard Roxburgh and Tristan Bancks

Something for all you big ( and little ) kids out there…..


Richard Roxburgh reads from  ‘Artie and the Grime Wave’


Tristan Bancks reads from  ‘My Life and other stuff I made up  ‘

Two actors write funny books for kids and act out all the parts in their read!

You can hear this podcast here!


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New to Narratives Library

I have been all over this month collecting more reads for the Narratives Library. First down to Melbourne for the Australian Romance Readers Convention where I recorded over 20 romance authors with their themes ranging from crime, to science fiction and paranormal to regency and steampunk!

First up in this series this week are:

Michelle Somers with crime romance’ Murder most unusual”

Michelle picks up tips on crime solving from  police contacts and weaves them into hot romances and thrillers.

I also recorded  Lesley Truffle reading from ‘The Scandalous life of Sacher Torte’. Her other ripping yarn ‘Hotel du Barry’ will be uploaded soon.

Amy Andrews is another romance/crime writer. Listen to her read ‘Limbo; ( It’s hard to know whether to list these under’crime’ or under ‘Romance and relationships’!

And finally one for little kids who feel ‘different’ for whatever reason from their peers.

Carole Lander writes happy but realistic stories to help these kids cope in ‘Wheels of fire’ and Basketball tree.

Last week I also attended the Somerset Celebration of Literature which is the largest invited gathering of Young Adult Writers held in Australia.

There will be some lovely reads posted soon from that event also.

Click on the book covers to take you to the reads.