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Libby Hathorn -‘ Eventual Poppy Day’, ‘A Soldier , a dog and a Boy’ and T.M Clarke: ‘Tears of the Cheetah’

Episode twenty-six: Libby Hathorn -‘ Eventual Poppy Day’, ‘A Soldier , a dog and a Boy’ and T.M Clarke: ‘Tears of the Cheetah’



Libby Hathorn’s  ‘A Soldier, a dog and a boy’ is a picture book for small children about the First World War. ‘Eventual Poppy Day’ is for older readers on the same subject. They are beautifully written stories about a serious subject and with Anzac day coming up in two week s might provide a gentler explanation of just what those old blokes are marching in the street for.

‘Tears of the Cheetah’ is set in South Africa and is a novel about the dangers of  running conservation projects in that country.  T.M Clark grew up in South Africa and most of her novels are set there as she tries to alert her readers to the complex social and political problems facing the country.

Music track : “ Down the river’ by Starboard Cannons

T. M Clark recorded at the ARRC in Melbourne 2016 and Libby Hathorn at  Somerset Literature Festival in 2017

Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist – ‘Two Steps Forward’.

Over the next few weeks I will repeat some of the most popular posts while we catch up on recording new authors.

Sadly, we will not be attending Sydney Writer’s festival this year but we will be going to Bellingen, Byron and Brisbane.

This wonderful double act of writing and reading comes from the ever popular author Graeme Simsion of ‘The Rosie Project ‘ fame and Anne Buist who can usually be found in the Crime writers section.  Set in the beautiful countryside of the Santiago di Compostela pilgrim’s walk, it draws on the two  authors’ experience of walking this trail.

If you like the sound of this book, clicking on the book cover will take you to Booktopia.

 Edition two : Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist – ‘Two Steps Forward’.

Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist

Hear  husband and wife writing team Graeme Simsion and Anne Buist combining forces to read the characters they wrote for ‘Two Steps Forward’.


 Featured music track : The ‘River of Remembrance” by Lucinda Peters

Recorded at the Sydney writers Festival 2017 in Graeme and Anne’s hotel room ( as the media room was too noisy!)


Authors from the Somerset Literature Festival

On Friday  March 26th  Narratives attended the Somerset Literature Festival which is held in Queensland every year at Somerset College.

They had a fantastic lineup of authors and illustrators of children’s and Young Adult fiction.

We recorded the following authors reading from their books and their reads will be all online by next week. Interviews and reads will appear throughout the year on the Narratives Podcasts page.

Will Kostakis ‘ The Sidekicks’

Tim Harris ‘ Mr. Bambuckles Remarkables Fight Back’

Rebecca Johnson -‘Vet Cadets- Welcome to Willow vale’

James Roy & Noel Zihabamwe ‘One Thousand hills’

Katie O’Donnell – ‘Untidy Towns’

Jessica Watson – Indigo Blue’

Gabrielle Williams – My Life as a Hashtag’

Claire Christian  – ‘Beautiful Mess’

Chrissie Perry ‘ Penelope Perfect – Project Best Friend’

Sha’an d’Anthes-‘ Zoom’

There were some amazing topics covered from coming out gay to cyber bullying, to escaping Rwanda during the massacres. I will post as these all go up and encourage you to check them out whether for yourself or someone you know.

Claire Christian with her novel 'Beautiful Mess'

Kim Mahood and Sophie Green- Inspired by the Outback

Episode twenty-four: Kim Mahood ‘ Position Doubtful’ ; and Sophie Green – ‘ The Inaugural meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Bookclub’


‘Position doubtful’ is an old surveyors map term used for areas where it is almost impossible to get a landmark for bearing.In her memoir , Kim Mahood  uses this term to apply to her memories of  the history of a homestead that used to belong to her family and her deep attachment to the land and its indigenous peoples that surround this place. Here she reads from her opening chapter and later in our interview explains what has drawn her to write of this geographical  place that is located in her heart  and of the personal charts she creates  to explain its history. ‘The Fairvale Ladies Book Club’ is also about living in the Australian outback, but Sophie Green’s central character, is  newly arrived as a bride from London  and  struggling to find friends and her feet in a radically different land.

Music tracks: ‘ Periphery’ by Belle Miners

Kim Mahood and Sophie Green were recorded at the Byron Writers Festival.

Luc Sante: ‘The Other Paris’

Episode twenty-three: Luc Sante ‘The Other Paris’


This is lovely treat  – Author Luc Sante takes us on a walk through the Paris of the nineteenth century, a very different place to now.  The fields outside the ‘wall’ he  mentions are now where the motorway known as the Peripherique encircles the city, and thousands of people live there.Luc’s sonorous delivery makes this a very meditative aural experience, Ken Naughton’s discreet piano fills in spaces.

Australian duo ‘Bebe et Lulu’ gives the end a french flair.

Music Tracks:Ken Naughton , – Variations – Baby et Lulu- ‘Paris’ and ‘Paris se regarde’

Luc Sante was recorded at the Sydney writers Festival 2016.

You can buy this book by clicking on the cover.


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Nadja Spiegelman and Jenevieve Chang

Episode twenty-two: Nadja Spiegelman “ I’m supposed to protect you from all this”, Jenevieve  Chang ‘The Good Girl of Chinatown”



Nadja Spiegelman had a complicated family life, a fact she observed very early on as a small child . Her mother was highly strung and emotional and it made for a fraught  relationship. Jenevieve Chang  went to teach dance in China and found she was a lot more Australian than she realised, but not exotic  enough for her employers.

Music tracks:‘I love you and let you go’ by Gyan; ‘Fire in her Belly’ by Trysette.

Nadja  Spiegelman and Jenevieve Chang  were recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2017.

Nick Earls and friends read from ‘Wisdom Tree’.

Episode twenty-one: Nick earls and Friends read from “Wisdom Tree’



‘Wisdom Tree’ is a series of 5 novellas entitled : Gotham, Venice, Vancouver, Juneau, Noho by prolific author Nick Earls.

The actual books are half size of a normal paperback and fit in your back pocket or purse for a quick read at any moment. The five stories are linked but in subtle ways so each novella stands on its own. Nick has asked several other author friends  -Abdel Jasmin-Mageid, Matt Conlon, Liam Piper, Ashley Hay  –  to read from his works and he  also reads himself. In the interview he explains a little about each novella and why he chose that particular author to read from  it . No music track in this podcast.


 Nick Earls,Abdel Jasmin-Mageid, Matt Conlon, Liam Piper, Ashley Hay were recorded at the Byron writers Festival 2016.

Libby Hathorn and TM Clark


‘Eventual Poppy Day’ by Libby Hathorn, is based around letters a young man sent home from the warfront in WW1, and ‘A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy’ is a children’s picture book story about a  young man adopting a homeless dog he befriended in the warzone. Both tales are based on true stories Libby read or researched  from actual wartime reporting.


TM Clarke grew up in St Africa and is now an Australian citizen, and her story  ‘Tears of the Cheetah, is an adult fictional novel,  of the struggle to prevent the decimation  of native species in africa , and of the violent conflicts that ensue  when poachers see their livelihoods threatened.

Check out this episode!

A Post for Science Fiction Lovers!

Edition  twenty: Rachel Craw – ‘Spark’;   Krissy Kneen –‘ An Uncertain Grace’;   James Bradley ‘ Clade’

Three science fiction authors for this week.  In ‘Spark’ Rachel Craw has a group of teenagers, fumbling with their own emerging feelings and identities caught up in a  tale of genetic engineering  and superheroes, James Bradley  explains the title of his work ‘Clade’ and reads from the opening chapter when the hero has elected to go  on a mission to Antarctica, while Krissy  Kneen in ‘An Uncertain Grace’ really gets our heads turned around with the idea of observing  the world through other people’s eyes- even their skin!



Music track ‘ Robotica’ by Michael Fairley from ‘Boy from Mars’

Rachel Craw was recorded at the Somerset Festival of Literature; Krissy Kneen and James Bradley were recorded at the Sydney writers Festival.