It’s official – we’re affiliated!

First, an apology if you just received a podcast post this week for Nadja Spiegelman and Jenevieve Chang, I was testing out our new  links and accidentally reposted an old post!



But, check it out and see if the links on the book covers in the post take you over to Booktopia, if so, we have entered a new era at Narratives.


Keeping this website financially afloat is a an ever increasing pressure, so we sifted through the options for monetization and decided an affiliation with an all Australian book supplier was the best fit.

So now, (hopefully), anywhere on the Narratives site , whether in the categories or on the Podcast page, just click on the book cover of the book you are interested in and it should take you over to Booktopia where they seem to have great discounts on all sorts of books.We will receive a few cents if you actually buy, but you have up to 60 days to actually make up your mind on the sale and we will still get a pay out.

If the book cover you click on doesn’t take you to the book you were looking for it may one of the very few that are not actually stocked by Booktopia. You will have to follow up that up with the author. Some self published novels aren’t available,but an awful lot are.

So, we have tried our best not to clutter your site with intrusive ads, and supply an extra service.

We just need to have someone buy a book through our site now to see if the whole thing works!

Thanks for being a subscriber, lots of new authors coming up for 2018.

best regards,