Children’s Lit for all ages!

Episode fourteen:Peter Helliar – ‘Frankie Fish and the Sonic Suitcase’; Luke Proudfoot – ‘Shaka, Shaka Hawaii’ ; Damien Prossner – ‘Helix and the Arrival’



Some kids just love to read and can be found  with their nose in a book or glued to a screen e-reading any time of the day, but for some the magic of entering those other  imaginary worlds eludes them. Reading is an important skill and some parents despair that their children just don’t seem interested but maybe  they just haven’t found that one book that is the key . Our three authors today all write for that tricky  age of ‘7-12 years – Damien Posner – in ‘Helix and the Arrival’ goes back in time , way back , to prove that pre-historic families were just as exasperating  for a teenager as present day. While Luke Proudfoot on ‘Shaka, Shaka Hawaii’ has three friends who love to surf and play music in their band  and well known comedian Peter Helliar thinks kids are a tough crowd, but once you have won them over, they become faithful fans so his much demanded  follow up books to’ Frankie Fish  and the Sonic Suitcase’ are already available.

Featured music track :’Endless Summer’ by Laura Hill

Peter Helliar recorded at Byron writers Festival 2017; Luke Proudfoot and Damien Prosner recorded at Somerset festival of Youth Literature 2017.