Catherine Evans and Kelly Hunter – a bit of romance in the bush!

Edition  eleven :  Catherine Evans – ‘The Healing Season’ and Kelly Hunter –‘Wish’


Today we hear from two authors who are classed as Romance authors but this genre is now so expanded that under books published by romance imprints along with the usual  love stories you will find, crime, fantasy, science fiction, historical and in the case of Catherine Evans  and her book ‘ The Healing Season’ – scientist  romance! In Kelly Hunters novel ‘Wish’ we have a classic ‘ searching for a new life’ saga – but charmingly and satisfyingly told as a young mother struggles to start again.

Featured music track:‘The day that I lost You’ – Suzannah Espie;  “ Back to the Sun” -Ange Takats

Recorded at the A.R.R. A conference , Melbourne 2017.