Sebastian Smee: ‘The Art of Rivalry’ and Ashleigh Wilson ‘Brett Whiteley :’ Art, Life and the other Thing’

Edition Nine: Sebastian Smee –‘ The Art of rivalry’ and Ashleigh Wilson –‘Brett Whiteley –Art, Life and the other thing.’



Two fascinating books on artists’s lives. In ‘The Art of Rivalry’, Sebastian Smee shows us how the relationships between artists can influence what we see in our museums, and how art movements have evolved by artists interacting and competing with each other.

Ashleigh Wilson delves ever deeper into Brett Whiteley’s tumultuous  life to reveal the man  behind the artist in  “Brett Whiteley- Art, Life and the other Thing”..

Featured music tracks: “Talk About Love” –My Friend the Chocolate Cake, “All the colours’  by Neil and Tim Finn