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Sarah de Vos cover

Dominic Smith – The Last Painting of Sarah De Vos.

The connecting thread in this book   is a beautiful painting  – first we hear Dominic read  a description of this work and its provenance, and then we hear from the contemporary owner of the  work who has discovered it was removed and a fake substituted without his knowing.


The Wild Girl

Kate Forsyth – The Wild Girl

The  Wild Girl  is based on the true story of the Brother’s Grimm and their relationship with a young woman called   Dortchen Wild. Dortchen and Wilhelm Grimm are in love but have been prevented from marriage by her father. This is an extra long read of 11 minutes as Kate wanted to give us a whole chapter.


Bob Brown – Green Nomads

And a beautiful photographic book with accompanying text by Bob Brown detailing his love of the Australian bush and his travels around the country.