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A library is a focal point, a sacred place to a community; and it’s sacredness is it’s accessibility, it’s publicness. It’s everybody’s place. Author :Ursula Le Guin 1997

The Narratives Library has been created around one simple idea, we all love stories. How much more wonderful can it be then to hear  the voice of the person who wrote the story , reading their own words just for you?

This library provides a permanent,  online  resource for community  radio stations, educational institutions,book clubs,  writers and readers – anyone who is interested in books , stories and writing.


Listen to small excerpts from authors reading on many different themes by  clicking  on the tab  that interests you in the top bar or use the box on the right hand side of the page . You can also search for authors by name in the INDEX page. The Book covers in the gallery below also link to category pages that the author is placed on.

Once in your chosen category, the authors are listed alphabetically by surname. Scroll down the page to the author that interests you and click on sound bar to hear the author reading from their book.


This library will be added to on a regular basis and over time it will contain hundreds of audio samples of authors reading from their own work on particular themes but most will be no longer than 5 minutes.The number of Themes will also  be enlarged as we record more and more authors.

If you are a published author and would like to be included here, please contact us – narrativeslibrary@gmail.com –  so we can make  it happen. If you are already listed here  feel free to use the link to help promote your work.


This is a global platform for your author’s work, and also a link to over 300 community radio stations around the nation. This is a free access site for users whether consumers or producers ( however there is a donation button over on the left there, think of all the work we are doing on behalf of the book industry!)



These readings make great spoken word content additions to a wide range of programs for both  Community Radio and Commercial radio. Contact us to learn how we can deliver material ready to go and even make up longer  programs around specific subjects.If you work in Radio and would like to use these reads they all have full clearance.




This project is brought to you by Karena Wynn-Moylan of Arts Canvass and Bay FM  99.9.

Karena’s two hour weekly program ‘Arts Canvass’ has been on air for nearly  20 years and is consistently in the top 10% of listener-ship for Bay FM 99.9  programs. Her Arts Canvass internet site of interviews with authors has an average 15,000 hits per month.Click on the Arts Canvass   blog  link to listen to author interviews – most authors reading here have been interviewed as well.

Photo by Parissa web

Karena’s writing and producing  credits include  winning the  CBAA Spoken Word Documentary Award in 2014 for her 3 part series ” Memories of Sarajevo” which  was also awarded  the Bronze Award – Social Issues   2015 New York Festivals World’s Best Radio Programs  International Competition.  This series also  received an Honourable Mention for Radio Documentary  2015 International Association of Women in Radio & Television Awards. She is also a Fine Artist, Composer ,  music producer and Filmmaker.


Karena and author L.A Larkin

Karena and author L.A Larkin,

L.A reads from her thriller ‘Devour’ in Crime..



This project is supported by the Community Broadcasting Foundation of Australia.


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