Young Adult Fiction


We all love to ‘try before we buy’ – teenagers  are no exception!Here are some wonderful Young Adult fiction writers to listen to.

Tristan Bancks - TWO WOLVES

tristan bancks pic Tristan Bancks writes about a family in which the father has a desperate secret . Suddenly they are on the run and their lives have changed forever


Louisa Bennet - Monty and Me

Monty and Louisa Bennet author web

Monty , the dog detective, is based on the author's real life dog  – but we have to keep his identity a secret as he is undercover ( or is that just ‘ under the covers?!)


Omar Musa - Here Come the Dogs

Omar Musa book portrait Bushfire is a feared event in Australia and unfortunately all too common. Here is a gripping account of the devastation wrought by fire - delivered in Omar’s urgent style which heightens the drama of the prose.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016


Tommy Wallach - Thanks for the Trouble

tommy wallach head shot

Parker Sante hangs out in hotels to see what he can find – one day he found Zelda.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016


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