Young Adult Fiction


We all love to ‘try before we buy’ – teenagers  are no exception!Here are some wonderful Young Adult fiction writers to listen to.
A lot of these are wonderful stories no matter what your age.


Lance Balchin has created a whole new universe in Mechanica which is a beautiful illustrated novel . Here he reads a passage of the birth of the age of Mechanica on the earth.  



tristan bancks pic Tristan Bancks writes about a family in which the father has a desperate secret . Suddenly they are on the run and their lives have changed forever.


LOUISA BENNET - Monty and Me

Monty and Louisa Bennet author web

Monty , the dog detective, is based on the author's real life dog  – but we have to keep his identity a secret as he is undercover ( or is that just ‘ under the covers?!)



Nothing is as intense as first friendships, unless it is first love, then first betrayal.



The Author found this story was so scary to write the she only wrote in a library during daylight! Here the heroine comes upon the classic haunted house in the woods.


EMILY GALE – The Other Side of Summer

Summer’s Dad announces he has found a way out of his family’s troubles- only it’s a long way away, Summer realises with horror he want them to move from England to Australia.


ALISON GOODMAN –‘ Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club’

An eighteenth century heroine with superpowers – the author describes it as ‘Pride and Prejudice meets Buffy!”. Part of a hugely popular series, in this read the heroine is terrified a secret inscribed on her fan will be discovered.


SOPHIE HARDCASTLE – Breathing under water

Sophie knows surfing and the ocean intimately and it shows in this beautiful read about the the thrills of night time surfing.


LIBBY HATHORN - A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy & Eventual Poppy Day

A Soldier, a Dog and a Boy' is a children’s picture book about a soldier finding and adopting a dog he finds on the battlefield in World War One. Libby based this story on a real incident she researched after seeing an old newspaper photograph. Eventual Poppy Day is a book for young adults which vividly brings to life the reality of fighting in the First world war through a series of letters by a soldier to his family.


JACK HEATH - The Cut Out

The Cut Out is a many - layered tale of a young man used against his will for his striking likeness to another , which forces him into a dangerous adventure. For ages 10 and up.

Recorded at the Sydney Writers Festival 2017


Tracy M. Joyce - RADA

Tracy is one of those authors who loves to create complete world for her readers to enter. But these are not delicate fantasy worlds -this brief scene from the first chapter of ‘Rada’ introduces a number of the dangerous elements of the heroine's world.This book is from the series Tales of Altaica.


EBONY McKENNA- '1916ish'

  With a heroine travelling back in forth in time to an alternate universe, this is a science fiction romance novel for young adults .



A novel set in the time of the witch hunts of the middle ages. Here the youthful heroine realises she cannot survive the torture chamber!


OMAR BIN MUSA - Here Come the Dogs

Omar Musa book portrait Bushfire is a feared event in Australia and unfortunately all too common. Here is a gripping account of the devastation wrought by fire - delivered in Omar’s urgent style which heightens the drama of the prose.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016


SORAYA NICHOLS – Starlight Stables

A great combination for young girls who love horses, and detective stories. A group of pony riding friends solve a mystery.



It’s hard enough being a nerd, but with a Chinese mother the pressure can be relentless. Then our hero meets his dream girl, a gorgeous Korean on her first day at school.


DAMEAN POSSNER – Helix and the Arrival

If you think it’s hard living with your family, what was it like for a teenager in the Stone Age? Helix needs to prove himself in his father’s eyes, but he just not the hunting type!


MARK SMITH – The Road to Winter

What happens if a mystery illness wipes out your family and your known world? If you are only fifteen, can you survive.? Mark Smith is also a youth worker who believes utterly in the resilience and resourcefulness of teenagers, so his hero finds a way to survive.


TOMMY WALLACH - Thanks for the Trouble

tommy wallach head shot

Parker Sante hangs out in hotels to see what he can find – one day he found Zelda.

Recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2016


NOVA WEETMAN – Everything is changed

The author said even she found the complexities of this story hard to keep straight when she was writing it! Two teenage boys share a terrible secret, which we will know at the start, but we don’t know why or how it happened .

authors in their own words