George Gittoes and Louise Doughty

Episode nineteen:George Gittoes ‘Blood Mystic’ and Louise Doughty ‘Black  Water’


Today  our edition has a serious theme as two authors give us very different accounts of the horrors of war. Australian Artist George Gittoes has been present at so many wars I actually lost count and he corrected me when I was interviewing him. As a public speaker he is riveting His book ‘Blood Mystic’ is an account of just a few of the warzones he has witnessed and recorded, and of his life lived perpetually on the edge of danger. Louise Doughty’s book ‘ Blackwater’ is a novel, but it is based on extensive research she made into  Jakarta’s dark history. There is strong language used in this edition and adult themes.

Music track:‘Things Fall Apart’ the General Assembly

George Gittoes was recorded at Sydney Writers Festival 2017, Louise Doughty was recorded at Byron writers Festival 2016.